italian high-end design hardware for leather goods

Italian Manufacturing

Above and Beyond

The Made in Italy label is one that brings with it an assurance of quality. A product that is Made in Italy has the time honoured traditions of centuries of fine craftsmen behind it, artisans that have passed down their skills over generations of the same family, with an innate flair for design, a tradition of top quality workmanship and materials and above all a love for their craft that shows in the exceptional quality of a true Italian product. The years of tradition provide a solid foundation but Italian design is also known for its innovative modern touch, adding the best of new trends and technology to create cutting-edge luxury products.
Made in Italy is much more than a brand. It is a way of conceiving a product, to think of it and to realize it. It is synonymous with quality, style, fame, prestige, assurance, authenticity, reliability.
This is exactly ABAS' way of seeing and doing things: a young generation of Italian manufacturing artisans that wants to add to the cumulated know how and experience of his predecessors the enthusiasm of innovation and technology of our century.