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VAT Guide


To insert your VAT Reg. No you must register an account. You can enroll it in the registration page (during the signing up) and in your account page. So that you'll be set, when applicable, as VAT exempt. In addition to this, the VAT Reg. No will be placed in your invoices.

There are two facts that determine whether you should or should not be charged VAT: where you are buying from and if you are a consumer (B2C) or business customer (B2B) (your easy consultation, see below map).

Considering that ABAS srl is an Italian based company, customers that should be VAT charged are only those that are based in Italy (both consumers and business) and all consumers who are located in other EU countries. EU business customers will be VAT exempt in Italy.

We will capture and validate your EU VAT number and, when applicable, automatically set it as tax exempt.
This means that if you are an EU business customer, you will be registred as VAT exempt and therefore automatically VAT won't be charged during the checkout.
VAT is never charged if you are based outside of the EU (both consumers and business).